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What is telnet / SSH?
Posted on 24 October 2003 06:32 PM

Telnet is a user command and underlying TCP/IP protocol for accessing remote computers. With telnet/SSH, you can log in to a remote system and work with files and data on it via a command line prompt.

FutureQuest supports and recommends using SSH (Secure SHell), which encrypts all data sent to and from the server. We specifically support SSHv2. Telnet is no longer supported as it is insecure in that it sends all text, including your username and password, unencrypted across the net.
[FQ Notice] End of support for Telnet and SSHv1

To use SSH on the FutureQuest servers, you will need to utilize an SSHv2 compatible client program.

Suggested SSHv2 clients:

For Macintosh users, see:
Using Terminal Application in Mac OS X

For Windows users, we suggest using the free PuTTY client program. More information is here:
Connecting with PuTTY

The basic form of any Unix command is:

    command_name options argument(s)


    All commands are case-sensitive,

    must be typed at the UNIX prompt ($),

    and you must press the ENTER key after you type the command.

See the following for more information on Common Unix/Linux Commands Used Via SSH:

Other guides on SSH can also be found here under the telnet/SSH category.