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Service interruption when changing packages?
Posted on 29 January 2004 11:46 PM

Will there be any interruption in services if I change packages?


This depends on what type of package change occurs. If you are switching from one Full Package (Visionary, Pioneer, Prospector, Trailblazer, Voyager, or Odyssey) to another Full Package there will be no interruption in services. However, if you change a Full Package to something like an IRM, IRO, Parked Domain, or ER, then there will be an interruption in service as this involves removing the Full Package and setting up the smaller one on a different IP number. The same would be true if you were to switch from one of the smaller options such as the IRM to a Full Package because, again, we would be removing the IRM and setting up the Full Package on a different IP number.

FutureQuest is not able to set up a single domain name in such a way that it points to both locations at the same time so the move must take place. For those that have never visited your web site the propagation will be minimal however for those, such as yourself, that may visit your site often the propagation can take up to 24 hours to fully complete.

Propagation includes local propagation, browser cache issues and ISP cache issues. In fact the more often you attempt to check for the changed package the longer the propagation may take if your ISP caches URL entries.

During this propagation time frame, you will be able to work on development of your site whether it's an IRM or a Full Package via the main account's IP or the IP number of the Full Package itself. If it is an IRM you would simply upload files to the sub-directory you created for the IRM. If it is a change to a Full Package you would be able to use the temporary IP access as provided for you in your Activation Letter.

Propagation, whether it's name server related or local in nature, cannot be rushed and patience is the best cure.

Note: If changing from a Full Package to an IR, Parked or External Redirection all files and email, including IRs overlaying the Full Package, will be completely removed from the system. When changing from a Parked to any other Package any email stored on the system will be removed as well. When transitioning from a Full Package to an IR or from an IR to a Full Package, any special MX Record Changes will need to be re-ordered.

It is important that you have a local copy of your files and email before Confirming the Package Change.