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Updating my billing & address information?
Posted on 29 January 2004 10:45 PM


I have moved and now have a new email address and mailing address. How can I update this information? How would I update my credit card info as well?  


To modify the contact information on file with FutureQuest, please visit the QuestAdmin Account Management interface located at:

Note: You will need to first create a QuestAdmin account, if you have not already done so. Simply click "Create Login" at the above link to get started. After logging in to your QuestAdmin account, click on the "Contact Info" tab. From that screen you will be able to change the contact information listed on your FutureQuest account, including contact email addresses.

If you have not yet created a QuestAdmin Account and no longer have access to the current Primary email address listed for your account, please send an email to Service@FutureQuest.net from your Shell email address, username@example.com (where "username" is replaced with your CNC username and "example.com" is replaced by your actual domain name), to explain the situation.

As for your credit card information, if you are on the Automatic Payment Plan with FutureQuest visit https://Secure.FutureQuest.net/cgi-ssl/Preferred.cgi and fill in your new information, making sure to note in the comments section that this is to replace the payment information we have on file.

If you visit the payment form each month then simply use the information of your choice when making your next payment: