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Change domain name on package?
Posted on 29 January 2004 07:59 PM


How do I go about changing the domain name of my site? And when I change the domain name, does my e-mail address also get changed? Will e-mail addressed to the old account still reach me?


You have two options in changing the domain name associated with a package:

1. Order a domain name change. This option allows all your files to stay in place on your server. A $50 Service Fee is incurred for this service. Along with changing the domain name, you also have the option of having the username changed (included with the fee). For important details of the domain/username change process and directions for ordering it, see:
What changes with domain/username change?

2. Order a new package through QuestAdmin:
(If you haven't created a QuestAdmin login, you will need to do that first. Just click the Create Login tab from the QuestAdmin link above.)
Cancel your old package at
By doing this you would be responsible for moving all of your files to the new package as well as having to choose a new username for the new package. There is no service fee with this option.

NOTE: No matter which option you choose - change domain name or order/cancel - your email address will change to the new domain name and, unless you order your old domain name as an IR, mail sent to your old email address will not reach you.

For either option, your old/cancelled domain name will not work unless you request another package for it. Without this request the old name will be removed from the servers. The most common package for the old domain name, in situations such as this, is the IRO option. This allows both the new and old domain names to work with the same web site and email. Visit http://www.FutureQuest.net/Services/IR/ for details.

With the IRO option available, many find that they do not need to change their domain name at all as they simply overlay the new domain name over the old.

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