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What is your network connectivity?
Posted on 29 January 2004 09:05 AM


I am thinking of signing up for an account with you. Could you please tell me the connectivity speed on your servers?


FutureQuest's Data Center is equipped with its own fiber optic Ethernet connectivity from Level3, Time Warner Telecommunications and NLayer. FutureQuest's speedy and highly redundant connectivity is enhanced by its numerous carrier class routers, which are all configured with BGP4 for redundancy and full global IP routing views.

For more information regarding FutureQuest's redundant connectivity including network maps of the top backbone providers, as well as details about FutureQuest's Data Center, we invite you to visit:
(The above site is dedicated to the FutureQuest DC.)

It is important to note that FutureQuest does not share its data center, hardware, bandwidth, or revenue stream with any other services or ISPs.