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Eggdrop bots allowed?
Posted on 29 January 2004 08:56 AM


I use mIRC to chat a bit here and there, and I was wondering if eggdrop bots are allowed to run on the shell account. I have used them before, and I just use them basically as a channel sitter LOL (I do not use them to upload or download any files except maybe text files for lessons or something like that). If you need more info let me know.

Refer to:


We used to, but our generosity was so heavily abused and misused that we have made it policy to not allow eggdrop (or any other IRC automaton).

They also cause havoc in the reverse direction as hackers will sniff these bots out and use them as conduits into the server (if they are really smart), if not - then it just gives them a path pointing right to our servers.

In conclusion: no eggdrop bots are allowed to operate on the FutureQuest servers.