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Secure email access?
Posted on 29 January 2004 08:39 AM


Do you offer secure access to email with your hosting packages? ie: secure pop3, smtp, and IMAP access?


Yes. FutureQuest offers the choice between traditional email access methods or secure email access methods. There are no extra fees for either type of email access.

Although FutureQuest cannot directly support the configuration of third party software, there are some configuration guidelines for using the secure protocols available within the following forum thread:

POP3 over SSL (or POP3S) uses port 995
SMTP over SSL (or SMTPS) uses port 465
IMAP over SSL (or IMAPS) uses port 993

See the above link for more configuration information and a note about possible certificate warnings.

NOTE: The traditional email services are available on their usual ports: standard POP3 port 110, standard IMAP port 143, and standard SMTP ports 25/1025/587.

Secure QuestMail access is also available:

In addition, FutureQuest supports the use of SSH Port Forwarding.

If you run Windows and are interested in SSH Port Forwarding, you may wish to check out SecureCRT from VanDyke Software:

Within its help files, you will find detailed information on setting up SSH Port Forwarding.

If you run Linux, see the man pages for 'ssh'.

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