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Adult Content: Why Not?
Posted on 29 January 2004 08:12 AM


I asked you once if you would host adult content, you told me no. I didn't ask you why. Can you tell me why you prohibit these sites, please?

I mean you are not responsible for the content, are you? And if there is a clear statement that the site is not allowed to people under 20, there should be no problem?


Listed below are the three main reasons why FutureQuest does not host adult-only content, stated in the order of importance:

1. We *choose* not to for the sake of the family-owned operations. We would rather our children, as well as the families that work with us, not be subjected to the material.

2. Our upstream providers have requested that we not host adult content.

3. Due to the nature of adult sites and their traffic (adult content tends to receive many more visitors in a less controllable fashion), we believe the majority of adult sites require Dedicated options, not Shared servers, and in order to preserve the integrity of our offerings, we opt not to host adult content. There are hosts who specialize in hosting adult sites, and we would suggest contacting one of those providers for that type of material.

I hope this helps to explain our reasoning behind the rule.