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Java Servlet (JSP) support?
Posted on 29 January 2004 06:39 AM

I am currently a (very unhappy) customer with my present host and am looking to make a change soon. I am very encouraged to see services such as secure shell access offered in your packages.

Do you offer servlet/JSP support? My development machine is a RH6.1 / Apache / JServ box and would like to find a provider that can support either this configuration or a variant of it (such as the Tomcat / Jakarta implementation).

Thank you for your time.


We are very sorry to hear your current host is not meeting your expectations. Unfortunately, FutureQuest does not offer Java Servlet / JSP support at this time. It is a feature that we feel is best suited for a Dedicated Server environment.

More regarding our position, as written by FutureQuest's CTO, may be viewed in this Community Forum post:

It is possible that at some future point in time a more robust & secure method of providing this support will become available and if it should be more suitable for a Shared Server environment FutureQuest would certainly take a fresh look at the options.

In the meantime, you may want to try searching for a host that can in fact meet all of your expectations at places such as:

Good luck to you with your search, and thank you for considering FutureQuest.