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Unrestricted bandwidth?? What if I exceed?
Posted on 29 January 2004 05:54 AM

I am interested in one of your packages for virtual domain hosting. But I have a few questions.

I see on the packages page that you offer "unrestricted" bandwidth. What do you mean by unrestricted?

With the bandwidth amounts you list for each package, I am assuming you mean that you allow that many GB of throughput per month. What happens if that is exceeded? Is the client warned that they are reaching the monthly through-put quota? Or will the client be unknowingly billed?


By saying "Unrestricted Bandwidth" we mean that we are not restricting how you utilize the bandwidth that comes with your package. Many hosts will allow a certain amount of bandwidth but will not allow the bandwidth to be used for things such as MP3s, compressed files, or image sites.

You are able to use the bandwidth however you like as long as the FutureQuest Terms of Service are not violated (porn, warez, etc).

If we notice you are in fact exceeding the bandwidth limit we will send you an email explaining your options, which usually includes upgrading, purchasing the extra bandwidth, or having the site disabled until the following month.

Hope this helps to clarify the terminology.