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Multiple domain names on one account?
Posted on 29 January 2004 05:46 AM

Your web site says we may have more than one domain name on a single account. You list them as IROs and IRMs. What's the difference?

Would the setup fee be $20 for all the ones I order or is it $20 for each one? Is there a discount for buying many extra domains all at once? Can I have each domain show different web pages? Is there a limit to how many domains I can have? Will email really work for the extra domains? What are the differences between an extra domain pointing to my full account and a full account?


IRO stands for "Internal Redirection/Overlay"
IRM stands for "Internal Redirection/Mapping"

An IRO would point to your main domain (Full Package) and show the exact same content. An IRM points to a subdirectory of your main domain (Full Package) and shows only the contents of that sub-directory.

Email accounts for IRO/IRM domains are set up from within your main package's CNC. IR domains overlay the main account in such a way that when you create Sales@MainDomain it will also work as Sales@IRdomain.

For detailed information and a "picture" of how the email will work with your extra domains, visit:
IRM & IRO Email Accounts

Oftentimes experimentation is the best way to find the functionality available to you.

You may have up to 5 IRMs on any single Full Package and up to 10 IROs on any single Full Package.

The Service Fee is a one-time $20 charge for each domain you choose to have set up as an IRO/IRM. There are no discounts for buying many at once however participation in the Resellers Advantage Program would allow you to receive discounts on IRs. (See http://www.FutureQuest.net/Services/Resellers/ for details.)

Along with sharing the features, functionality and resources of the main package, there are limitations to be aware of with the IR accounts and those can be viewed here:

For a more detailed description of the IR options, please visit:

When ordering, make sure to choose the IRM/IRO option and *not* the Externally Redirected domain option. Externally Redirected domains are only for redirecting a domain name to a URL that is not on the FutureQuest servers and will not provide the same functionality as an Internally Redirected domain.