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Knowledgebase: Pre-Installed Scripts
Changing counter settings?
Posted on 29 January 2004 01:37 AM

I'm using the pre-installed counter script and I would like to change the starting number on my counter. I tried to change the amount for st= in the code, but it didn't change on the page. Can I change it and, if so, how?


The reason just changing the st= setting doesn't work is because initial starting count (st= setting) is saved to the original file you "created" when you used the Counter Generator Form.

Therefore, in order to change that setting, you would need to either:

1. Revisit the Counter Generator Form, enter in the desired starting count and specify a new filename


2. Manually change the filename and starting count in the appropriate places in the code

(Please note: The filename you specify under #6 in the Counter Generator Form is actually the filename that the settings are saved in and does not have to be the filename of the page the counter will be on.)