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Troubleshooting PHP Errors
Posted on 28 January 2004 09:25 AM

How can I troubleshoot my PHP scripts? Where are my error logs located?


PHP errors will be logged in

Apache errors will be logged in

PHP errors from SSL scripts can be found in

When developing, many choose to just SSH in to the command-line and do:
$tail -f logs_cgi/php_error logs_web/error logs_cgi/php_error-ssl

Note: If there have been no errors, no error logs will be present. In addition, please note that the php_error log is deleted nightly if it exceeds 20MB. (You can also remove the 'php_error' and 'script' logs yourself at anytime.)

For security and privacy reasons, the errors are not displayed in the browser by default. However, we realize that it is sometimes a great convenience to have the errors displayed on the screen while working with PHP programs and you have the ability to enable this by either using an .htaccess override of
php_flag display_errors On
or by selecting the desired error reporting and display options in the Settings section of your CNC.

Once you are done squashing your script bugs, it is recommended that you discontinue having the errors displayed in the browser.

We hope the above will be helpful. Please note that the Service Desk is not able to provide troubleshooting assistance for third party scripts, however assistance in this area is made available in the forums. To start, you may wish to review the following forum discussions as they may serve to assist in your trouble-shooting:

Please feel welcome to post your own questions to the forums as well.