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Path for PHP?
Posted on 28 January 2004 09:21 AM

Using php, when I try to include files on mydomain.com on Rasmus I get the following error:

Warning: Failed opening '/xmydomain/inc/footer.inc' for inclusion

(include_path='') in /big/dom/xmydomain/inc/connect.inc on line

I can correct this error by using the full /big/dom/ path. Is that normal for Rasmus? I thought you wanted to prepend /big/dom with the include path?


Beginning with PHP4, the PHP servers no longer use the old method of prepending "/big/dom" to file paths. It has now been corrected so that it maintains consistency across all PHP function calls that involve file paths.

This has always been the preferred way, unfortunately PHP3 did not have the capability in allowing us to do so.

The PHP4 engines finally shattered this annoying limitation.

Hope this clarifies the PHP operating environment...