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External MySQL Connection?
Posted on 27 January 2004 07:55 PM

On your Packages page under Value Added Services, you list "External MySQL Connection." Could you explain this to me, please, or point me to documentation which explains it?


By default, your MySQL server is only accessible from the machine holding your website. This is done to prevent situations where a user hosts a web site on another host, but stores their data on our network - thus using a lot of bandwidth and resources. It also keeps your data much more secure -- allowing access only from your web server -- not even our other web servers are able to access your data.

However, if you do your development work on another machine and you wish to access your MySQL data from that machine, you will need to request an External MySQL Connection to allow that machine to directly access your FutureQuest MySQL databases.

Such access is only granted by request for security reasons, and a fee of $5 per month for each External Connection slot applies.

Also, note that all bandwidth used for an External MySQL Connection counts against the main package's bandwidth allotment.

An External MySQL Connection allows for ODBC type connections, as well as many other protocols types. ODBC stands for Open DataBase Connectivity (a protocol for connecting to remote data sources from a Windows machine).

To submit your request for an External MySQL Connection, please visit the Service Desk or send an email to Service@FutureQuest.net to explain your requirements and have the connection activated.

In your request, you will need to include the domain name involved, agree to the fee, and provide the IP address the initial External Connection should be set for. (If the IP address you're connecting from changes down the road, you can use the MySQL Account Manager in the CNC to update the "Allowed IP".)

After the External MySQL Connection has been activated, you will receive an Activation Letter by email which will contain a separate MySQL username to be used for the external connection.

To discontinue the External MySQL Connection service, please send an email to Service@FutureQuest.net or use the "Change Active Service" link in QuestAdmin.