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Can an IRO or IRM overlay another IRO or IRM?
Posted on 27 January 2004 10:31 AM

I see that you can have 10 IROs and 5 IRMs overlaying another account. Does this mean I could have 10 IROs on my main domain name (example.com) and then add more IRs to overlay my extra domains so that if I have:

Example.com overlayed by IRO.com
I could then set up
AnotherIRO.com to overlay IRO.com etc etc?


No. You may have the maximum limit of 10 IROs and 5 IRMs on any single Full Package.

In your example "AnotherIRO.com" would not be overlaying "IRO.com" -- it would be overlaying "Example.com" -- the exact same as "IRO.com" is doing.

The same would apply with IRMs.

If "IRM.com" is mapped to "Example.com/IRMfiles/ any other domains you request to show the /IRMfiles/ directory would also be IRMs, set up the same as "IRM.com" over the main domain.

IRs can only overlay Full Packages.