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Logs and Stats for IRs and DS-IRs
Posted on 27 January 2004 10:00 AM
Although IRs do not include their own separate stats and logs, FutureQuest provides a notation system, IRx Tagged Logging, which can be used by site owners in processing the log files in order to separate accesses to IRMs/DS-IRMs from accesses of the main domain.

For example, if the following requests are made:
Primary: http://example.com/image.gif
IRM: http://example.net/image.gif
DS-IRM: http://forums.example.com/image.gif

The logs will show:
GET /image.gif (for the primary domain)
GET /|IRM:example.net|//image.gif (for the IRM request)
GET /|DSIRM:forums.example.com|//image.gif (for the DS-IRM request)

Your raw logs are located at:
(where xDOMAIN is replaced by your xdomain)

Note that the included stats program will support the IRx Tagged Logging System to a degree, however the stats are not presented separately for the different domains under a package. If you wish to have separate stats for an IR, upgrading it to a Full Package would give it all of the functionality of a Full Package including its own stat files. Otherwise, the tagging system and the logs could be utilized in order to filter the results, such as by using a third party log analyzer program, if you wish.

Custom Apache directives are also available which will allow you to work with and perform certain overrides for the IRx Tagged Logging System as shown in the following posts:

For any assistance with third party log analyzer programs and/or using the custom directives, we ask that you please visit the FutureQuest Community Forums:

Note: IRO and DS-IRO accesses are not currently tagged, however we do hope to be able to add them to the IRx Tagged Logging System in the future.