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IRM URL goes to main site's Not Found page?
Posted on 27 January 2004 09:41 AM

I have irm.com set up as an IRM under example.com. I have some subfolders under irm.com, but they don't work correctly.

For example, the link www.irm.com/subfolder takes you to www.example.com/subfolder (which is not found) - when the main idea behind purchasing these IRM domains was to move these subfolders under this name. Is there a way I can set up folders in IRMs?


http://www.irm.com/subfolder/ works as it should. This is the trailing slash issue. If you search the Community Forums (http://www.FutureQuest.net/forums/) for "trailing slash" you will find quite a bit of discussion.

The URL will work if you include the required / at the end or better yet the entire page name in the path such as http://www.irm.com/subfolder/index.html to avoid confusion. However, if you do not include that ending slash it will not work correctly.

** NOTICE **
This issue has been resolved.

Info concerning the resolution can be found within the Community Forums at:

Although the trailing slash is no longer required, it is still a very good idea for performance and speed related reasons to include the trailing slash with all URLs.