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Why does my 404 page not work for my IRM?
Posted on 25 January 2004 10:38 PM

I am having trouble specifying my 404 page for my IRM domain.

I have irm.com pointing to example.com/irm/. If you go to www.irm.com/deadlink, which does not exist, you will see that it cannot find my 404 page. However, if you go to www.example.com/irm/deadlink, you will see the 404 page for example.com.


You will need to create a 404.html page and place it in your IRM directory. The path it looks for is always relative to the domain being used, so it will look for www.irm.com/404.html, not www.example.com/404.html.

This also allows you to use a custom Not Found page for your IRM that is specific to that domain.