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See directory listing, not my web page?
Posted on 25 January 2004 10:18 PM

I uploaded all of my files and I know they are in there because when I go to the web address with my browser there is a listing showing all of them. The problem is I want it to show my web page itself and not the listing. What is going on?


In order for the web page to show up, you will need to rename the page as index.html or another appropriate extension.

The index file within the directory is what will show up when no other file is specified. If there is no index file, the directory listing will show.

Important Note: This file must be named in all lowercase. Index is *not* the same as index.

For a more detailed explanation of the index file and naming options, please visit:
Does my homepage have to be index.html?

As a side note, for those that simply want to disable the directory listing feature of any web-accessible directories under their site, please visit:
Disabling directory listing?