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Why isn't my home page showing up?
Posted on 25 January 2004 07:25 PM

I've uploaded my web site, but when I try to go to it with my browser all I see is the temporary page that FutureQuest put up. How do I make it so I can see MY homepage instead?


The most common reason for this problem is the failure to place your "homepage" (index file) within the /www/ directory.

Note: At FutureQuest, your "homepage" needs to be named index. For example, if using html only, your home page should be named index.html or index.htm. The link below will provide more information regarding naming your "homepage" on the FutureQuest servers:
Does my homepage have to be index.html?

Also, any web-accessible files need to be placed under the /www/ directory.

When you first FTP into your account, you are likely to be seeing your home directory instead of the /www/ directory. If you upload your files into this directory rather than the /www/ directory, they will not show up on the web. You'll need to move up one directory level to see your /www/ directory.

(Hint: The best way to understand the directory structure is to visit the File Manager within your CNC where you can easily navigate your way through each of the directories within your account.)