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Knowledgebase: FTP/SFTP
Trouble connecting with Fetch?
Posted on 24 January 2004 07:53 PM

I am using Fetch, an FTP client for the MAC. When I try to connect to the server to upload files it just hangs. No error messages just never connects?

I have checked all the settings for remote host and my username and password, and I still am having the same problem.


Fetch supports SFTP in addition to FTP. To resolve the issue you're experiencing, we would recommend switching Fetch to use SFTP instead of FTP. As a bonus, SFTP offers security that plain FTP just does not.

If for some reason you need to use FTP with Fetch, it would be recommended to try setting Fetch to use "PASV" ("Passive transfer mode"). Please note that we have had several reports from Fetch users that they have had to close the program and relaunch it after making the "PASV" mode change, before it will work properly.

Also note that if behind a firewall, you may need to enable the "Use firewall" setting.