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How do I get my free extra FTP accounts?
Posted on 24 January 2004 07:20 PM

I am supposed to have multiple ftp accounts with my package and I was trying to find out how to set up one of them. Where do I go to do this?


To set up the extra FTP accounts included with your package, simply follow the directions below:

Visit your CNC panel.

Once logged in to your CNC, click "FTP Manager".

Click "Create FTP Account".

Type in a Login Name (note that whatever you choose will be prefixed with your VMIP- (xdom) -- the FTP Manager will show you the entire username upon creating the FTP account).

Then choose the Permissions you wish to allow for the user (Read-Write, Read-Only, or Write-Only).

Type the Password you wish to set for this FTP account (verifying where asked).

Then specify the Directory to which you would like this user to have access. (The user of this account will have access to the directory you specify as well as any subdirectories located under it.)

Click "Create Account".

That's it!

Please note: The FTP Manager will tell you how many EXTRA FTP accounts are available with your package. It does not include the main FTP account that is set up for you upon Activation.

If you should need additional FTP accounts above those included with your package, more can be ordered through QuestAdmin:
(If you haven't created a QuestAdmin login, you will need to do that first. Just click the Create Login tab from the QuestAdmin link above.)

Note: Extra FTP accounts support the use of SFTP, which FutureQuest recommends using instead of FTP as it provides security that plain FTP does not provide. The option to choose SFTP instead of FTP is available in many current file transfer programs.