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Knowledgebase: FTP/SFTP
FTP Troubleshooting Tips
Posted on 24 January 2004 06:33 PM
FutureQuest employs the FTP server "twoftpd" written by our own Bruce Guenter. This FTP server was written to increase security specifically with the FutureQuest servers in mind.

Most problems involving failed directory listings, connection errors or time outs can be corrected by making sure that your FTP client is set to use "Pasv" or "Passive Transfer Mode".

Some problems have also been encountered with settings in the remote startup directory settings. Check the path of your remote start up directory -- it should either be blank or /big/dom/xyourdomain (replacing "xyourdomain" with your actual xdomain - refer to your Activation Letter for details).

Also always ensure, if you are behind a firewall, that your ftp client is firewall enabled. This is usually a setting within options, advanced or sessions settings.