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Anonymous FTP account available?
Posted on 24 January 2004 06:13 PM

I would like to allow people to upload and download to an FTP account without giving them my own username and password so I can just allow the public to access certain contents via FTP from my web site. Do you offer anonymous FTP logins for this?


Although we do not offer anonymous FTP accounts, there is still a solution. All FutureQuest Full Packages come with Extra FTP Accounts, in addition to the primary FTP account. The number of included Extra FTP accounts varies depending on the hosting package:

Your Extra FTP accounts can be set up from within your CNC FTP Manager. When setting up an Extra FTP account, you will be able to specify both the username and password to be something like "(xdomain-)guest" and "guest". You'll also be able to specify which directory you want this account to provide access to so that anyone who uses the account cannot browse to other areas of your web site.

If you find that you require even more FTP accounts than your package includes, you can order additional FTP accounts from QuestAdmin for $5.00/month for each:
(If you haven't created a QuestAdmin login, you will need to do that first. Just click the Create Login tab from the QuestAdmin link above.)

Please note that FutureQuest recommends the use of SFTP instead of FTP, support of which can be found in many current file transfer programs.