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Knowledgebase: Spam/Email Filters
Receiving email with strange To addresses?
Posted on 24 January 2004 05:59 PM

I have been receiving spam mail where the To: address shows Undisclosed Recipients@six.futurequest.net or #field0#@taz.futurequest.net and other as equally nonsensical addresses. What is causing this?


A message like this is usually received because the spammer sent an email to your address, but did not include a "To:" header. Or used a To: address such as #field0 (without a tld).

The FutureQuest email server notices that there is no "To:" header and helpfully appends one to the message containing "Undisclosed Recipients".

It is reaching you because the recipient list in the envelope (which is seperate from the header) contains your address.

We realize this type of message is a problem and are formulating a plan of action. Once we have determined the best method of eliminating this type of message, we will notify the Community through the Community Forums found at