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Knowledgebase: Spam/Email Filters
Where to send spam complaints from a site you host?
Posted on 24 January 2004 05:25 PM

I have received spam from an account you host on your servers. Where should I report it?


FutureQuest has a _STRICT_ No Spam policy as explained within our Terms of Service:

To report spam, please send the entire message, along with full headers to

Please note that the above email address is reserved for reporting violations regarding the prohibited use or other abuse of the FutureQuest Network.

The following guide will provide information and links to investigate and determine the correct source of the email:
How do I report spam?

We would also recommend running any messages by SpamCop.net to ensure you are reporting them to the right authorities for proper handling. Upon visiting http://www.SpamCop.net you'll find a great deal of information and services to help prevent further spam from reaching your email address.