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Save my sent email from QuestMail?
Posted on 24 January 2004 03:05 AM

I just realized that as a result of many sent emails from QuestMail I have exceeded my disk space allotment for my Full Package. I need to reduce the disk space but I also need to save some of these emails. What can I do?


You would be able to access your email account at http://QuestMail.FutureQuest.net and then delete the excess mail in the Sent/Trash/Draft folders that you no longer need.

If you wish to save some of the email then the easiest way would be to move all of the email you wish to save back to the Inbox. Once this is accomplished then visit your CNC Email Manager and click on the username for the appropriate account.

On the next screen you will see the option to [Reset] your email, which will change it from "read" to "new" and allow you to download it with your regular email client. (Or, you can simply choose to [Forward] the email to another email address.)

Another method would be open the specific email you wish to save using QuestMail and then click on "Download this as a file". (Depending upon your browser you may have to right click and "Save File As".) This will allow you to download the emails in question as .txt files directly to your hard drive.