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Why can't I download email I viewed in QuestMail?
Posted on 24 January 2004 02:32 AM


I viewed some of my email using QuestMail and now my regular email client will not download those messages. Why?


QuestMail uses the IMAP protocol instead of POP. The difference is, with IMAP, you are viewing the messages on the mail server itself.

After messages have been viewed using QuestMail, they are marked as "read" on the server and some POP3 email clients will not download these messages, as they assume they have already seen them.

To reset the "read" messages to "new", visit your CNC, click on Email Manager, and click on the mailbox name to view its properties.

Click "Reset" next to "Messages" on the Mailbox Properties screen to set all of the "read" messages to "new" again.

Note: The "Reset" link will not appear if there are no messages or only messages marked "new" in the mailbox on the server.