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How do I access FutureQuest web-based email?
Posted on 24 January 2004 02:22 AM

I understand that every FutureQuest account comes with a web based email program. How do I access it?


You are correct that every FutureQuest hosting package, with the exception of Externally Redirected (ER) domains, includes web-based email access via QuestMail.

The QuestMail interface may be accessed at

Clicking on the Secure Login link from that page or visiting https://QuestMail.FutureQuest.net will allow you to send and receive email securely via QuestMail over an SSL encrypted path.

Log in by using your full FutureQuest-hosted email address as a login along with that email account's password.

Note: FutureQuest recommends using your own email client for primary email usage and QuestMail for those times when your email client is not readily available to you, such as when you are traveling or unable to access your personal terminal for whatever reason. QuestMail is made available as an added service and is not meant to be used as your primary email client.

For more information regarding QuestMail, please view:
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