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Exporting subscribers from ezmlm?
Posted on 24 January 2004 01:06 AM

What would be the easiest way to export my current subscribers from my ezmlm list?


The easiest way for you to download the list would be by using the Mailing Lists Manager in your CNC. After logging in to your CNC panel, click Mailing Lists. Then, click on the name of the list you are working with under the "Existing Lists". Once you have done so, you will be taken to the "Mailing List Properties" page for that list. Clicking on the "Download Subscriber List" option from the menu will bring up a screen offering you two file types to choose from, tar.gz or .zip. Click on the file type of choice to complete the download. Once you have it, simply uncompress the file to obtain the .txt file of your subscribers.

Another option would be to log in to your account via SSH and echo the subscriber base to a file. From your HOME directory (ex: /big/dom/xdomain/username), type:

ezmlm-list /big/dom/xDOMAIN/USERNAME/LISTNAME >./mylist.txt

Replace the *italicized* portions with your specific information.

This will create a file within your home directory named mylist.txt which contains a listing of the subscriber addresses.

A method of obtaining the addresses using a script may be viewed in this Community Forum Post. (Ignore the first portion of the post regarding using SSH to obtain the subscriber list as you must now use the full path as indicated above.)