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Can I install my own mailing list and not use FutureQuest's ezmlm?
Posted on 23 January 2004 07:19 PM

Must I use the system mailing list script, ezmlm, or can I install and use my own?

Am I likely to encounter difficulties in mailing from my own mailing list script due to anti-spam filters on the server or any other problems?


We recommend that you use our ezmlm-idx list software, which can be administrated via the CNC control panel...

However, you may run your own list as long as it:

1) does not abuse the server resources

2) is not used for sending out UCE (spam)

3) does not exceed 500 subscribers (ezmlm must be used for lists larger than 500)


1) the list must offer 'opt-out' capability

2) the list is subject to your package's bandwidth limits

3) the larger lists should be sent between 2:00am - 6:00am EST

4) we reserve the right to terminate the script used if it becomes excessive (CPU/memory)

Right now, you will not be impeded by any 'spam' filters, but this is subject to change at any time (without notice)...

Also, we cannot guarantee that tighter controls will not be placed on custom/3rd party mailing list programs or eliminated altogether which in turn only FutureQuest offered mailing list software can be used. This will be coupled tightly with our upcoming QMail SmartHubs designed for high-traffic mailing lists.

We have had problems in the past with 3rd party mailers clogging/choking our mail system relays, and are working on solutions to solve the problem. This is why my response to you hints on changes to come, but not yet in place...

Additionally, regardless of your list size or manner in which it is delivered, the FutureQuest TOS does require the use of a Confirmed Opt-In (aka Double Opt-In) subscription method:

More information regarding Confirmed Opt-In subscription requirements may be viewed here:
Confirmed Opt-In Subscription Process Explained

If you run your list responsibly, you should not run into any problems and everything should be OK.