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Knowledgebase: MX Record
Change the MX for IR w/o changing the main account?
Posted on 16 January 2004 09:19 AM

Can I change the MX Record for my extra IRM and IRO domains without affecting my main package domain?


Yes. The Mail Exchanger for Internally Redirected/Overlayed domains is kept separate and individual for each domain name. You may change each of your domains individually or change only one of them while leaving the rest intact.

To change the MX (mail exchange) Record for your IR domain(s) and/or your main domain, just visit the DNS Manager in the CNC:

Note: For the changes in the DNS Manager to be effective, the domain must be pointed at the FutureQuest name servers. If you are managing your DNS externally, you'll need to make the changes with your DNS provider instead.

Once you change the MX Records so that another server is handling your email, FutureQuest is no longer able to support the email accounts as we are no longer controlling them. Changing your MX record affects all of the email services for your domain, including QuestMail. If you experience problems with an email account where the MX Records have been changed, you will need to contact the technical support department of the servers that are handling the email.