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Forward email that exists in a POP account?
Posted on 15 January 2004 11:22 PM

I have messages in my POP3 account that I would like to forward to another address. Is this possible? I don't want to permanently forward all email that is received to the account...just the messages that are currently on the server. Please advise.


Yes, this is possible. Just visit the Email Manager in the CNC and click on the "details" link for the particular email account. After doing so, you should see the number of "new" "unread" and "read" messages that are currently in the Inbox of the account on the server. You should also see the option to Forward the messages. (If you do not see a Forward option, this means that there is either no messages in the Inbox or there are more than 500 messages -- see Option to "Forward" email not shown for POP account?.) Clicking on the [Forward Inbox] link will take you to another screen that will provide a text box for you to enter the email address where you wish the mail to be forwarded. Provide that email address, then click the Submit button.

Once you click the "Submit" button, a copy of ALL email within the Inbox will be forwarded to the address you entered. The email messages will also remain in the box on the server for you to download or delete as desired.

The CNC contains Helpful Hints (you may need to scroll) that should also help you along.