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I'm new to FutureQuest. How come my email accounts won't work?
Posted on 15 January 2004 08:14 AM

I just opened up a FutureQuest account and have set up four email accounts. However I cannot get any of them to work except for sending seems to work?


Welcome to FutureQuest!

To address your question, email will not work until the name server entries on your domain have been changed to the FutureQuest name servers and those changes have had time to propagate.

Transfer and name server information can be found at:

Please note that whenever you change a domain's DNS entries or register a domain there is a period of propagation that will last from 24 to 72 hours on average. This cannot be sped up as it is not in the control of any single entity. Once propagation has completed, the domain will work properly.