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smtp.mydomain.tld cannot be found?
Posted on 15 January 2004 01:58 AM

I am trying to set up my email client to access a POP account I have created on my FutureQuest account. I can receive email, but when trying to send it I get an error that smtp.yourdomain.com cannot be found. What am I doing wrong?


The correct settings for all email accounts at FutureQuest are as follows:

POP Server (Inbound mail): pop.yourdomain.tld
SMTP Server (Outbound mail): mail.yourdomain.tld
(Replace yourdomain.tld with your actual domain name in the above examples.)

You may find that using just your domain name (without the pop. or mail. prefixes) will work for these as well. However, at some point, this will stop functioning as the mail servers are upgraded to the next generation level. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you start using "pop" and "mail" prefixes now to prevent problems when the mail servers are upgraded.