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Why an x in my Shared SSL URL?
Posted on 14 January 2004 08:49 AM

I see that the shared server URLs take the form of xDomain.MerchantQuest.net. Why the "x"?


The 'x' is used for XDOM/VMIP style addressing and is what allows us to keep everything unique within a shared environment. As a matter of fact, the entire FutureQuest core is designed around the XDOM methodology, which was a family of revolutionary techniques extended from us. Unfortunately, the true beauty of XDOM methods is not fully appreciated unless you can see their operations from the inside out, as we do...

We had to choose a character that was disallowed for a username and 'x' was the most logical choice. The xdom plays an extremely important role for server management as it is a master controller over your entire account that opens gateways for us to run non-setuid programs that would have otherwise created a security risk.

In the 'xDomain.MerchantQuest.net' context, it is used as a routing aid, which tunnels your requests dynamically and is 100% compliant with WildCard style CERT addressing.