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What is your GANDI ID?
Posted on 14 January 2004 07:29 AM

I'm switching over a domain and changing the name servers for a client through GANDI and GANDI says you will have a GANDI ID you can give me.

...in the Administration section link 'Change your DNS hosting from GANDI to another service':
"There, you will need to provide the following information
given by your webhosting company:
- names and IP adresses of nameservers to be used
- GANDI ID of your webhosting company, which will become
technical contact."


The FutureQuest name server information can be found here:

The FutureQuest Gandi ID is DA480-GANDI, however we don't believe you should need this in order to change the name server information to that of the FutureQuest name servers. The information contained at the link above is all you should need.

Also, from the information you've provided, it sounds as though by providing a GANDI ID, you will be listing FutureQuest as the technical contact for the domain. Due to an increase in 'domain hijacking' attempts, FutureQuest has a strict hands-off policy with regard to domain matters and, as such, we would recommend assigning the technical contact for the domain to someone better able to assist in these areas.

Please note that, by policy, FutureQuest will neither approve nor reject any domain registration modifications that are sent to us as a result of being listed as technical contact for a domain.