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Forbidden you do not have permission to access...
Posted on 13 January 2004 09:46 AM

I am receiving the message, "Forbidden you do not have permission to access on this server", when trying to access a site on the FutureQuest network.

What could be causing this?


Some of the most common response codes are defined here.

403 HTTP_FORBIDDEN means the request was understood, however access is forbidden.

There are a number of reasons a web site may show a FORBIDDEN message.

1) The Site Owner has set the permissions, by choice or by accident, to a FORBIDDEN mode.

In this case, to "unforbid" the site they'll need to chmod the directory to something less restrictive:
Change File Permissions

2) The web host has restricted the site while awaiting resolution from the Site Owner for items such as non-payment or a Terms of Service violation.

If this is the situation, warnings and notices are sent to the primary email address explaining the reasons a site may be, or already has been, restricted (deactivated/terminated) and the Site Owner should always first check for the email(s).

Whether you are able to locate the notice(s) or not, if you should require more information about how to rectify the situation, please contact us by email at:
or by visiting our Support Desk located at:

Please note: The request must be submitted from the primary email address listed on the account.