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Domain registration included in your hosting packages?
Posted on 11 January 2004 06:49 PM


I just signed up for service for a new domain name. It is not clear to me if you will automatically register this domain for me with the information I provided or whether I should do it separately. (I assume I should register separately, but do not want to duplicate/confuse things.) Please advise.


Thanks so much for choosing FutureQuest!

Domain name registration and hosting are two separate items and as FutureQuest provides web hosting packages and does not provide domain registration as part of those services, you will in fact need to register the domain name yourself.

FutureQuest does provide co-branded Dotster domain registration forms, which you would be welcome to use to register the domain name, located at:

Or, you are free to use any accredited domain registrar that you wish and simply make sure that the DNS entries are pointed towards the FutureQuest name servers to host it at FutureQuest.

The information you'll need to do so is available at: