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Knowledgebase: Domain Names
Posted on 11 January 2004 06:38 PM

Thank you for the prompt setting up of this account. The company that was hosting this site is asking for your IPSTAG.

I sent them the info found at http://Register.FutureQuest.net/ to transfer the domain name, which has always been enough to transfer my other domain names to you, but I do not see an IPSTAG?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


FutureQuest does not have an IPSTAG as those are used for actually being able to request domains from NOMINET.

You will need to transfer the domain to NOMINET - http://www.nic.uk/. Then list our DNS servers by modifying the domain directly through NOMINET.

Many .co.uk domains have transferred to FutureQuest armed with the information you have without a problem. NOMINET may have a form just for modifying the DNS which would do the trick, however we would advise contacting them directly for assistance: