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Help me make the DNS changes with Network Solutions?
Posted on 11 January 2004 05:19 PM

I have been trying to transfer my domain to the FutureQuest name servers and I am totally confused by the Network Solutions / VeriSign process and forms.

Can you do it for me or tell me what I need to do?


Although FutureQuest has a strict hands-off policy with regard to domain registration updates and wouldn't be able to make the DNS changes for you, the information below should serve as a general guide on how to change your name server information through Network Solutions (formerly NetSol/Verisign):

Step One: Find the necessary information to complete the proper forms.

a) Visit the Network Solutions whois located at:
http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp and enter your domain name (without the "www." part) and then press "Search".

b) Copy the Administrative Contact Email address as you will need it later on to fill in the Administrative section when making your changes in Step Two.

c) Copy the "Handle" which is usually 2 Letters followed by a series of numbers and may be used under the Technical Contact section when making your changes in Step Two.

Step Two: To transfer the domain name to the FutureQuest name servers (so that it may be activated with a web hosting package on the servers) you will need to follow the instructions provided by your registrar, Network Solutions.

To change the information on your domain, visit here:

Be sure that you enter the email address obtained in part B of Step One above as this is the administrative email and is required.

Now you're ready to change the DNS settings to reflect our servers. You will need to replace the information that is listed under "Name Server Information" with:

Please note that you may only need to provide the name server names (ie NS1.FutureQuest.net, NS2.FutureQuest.net, NS3.FutureQuest.net) and not the name server IP addresses. Most domain registrars no longer require the IP addresses for the name servers, however they are included above in cases where they may be required by certain registrars. It is also possible that a registrar may only require two name servers, not three. This is fine; simply choose two from the above list.

You may also want to change the Technical Contact NIC Handle (in the contact information section) to either your own information or that of someone close to you who may be of assistance in that area if/when needed.

We hope that this will allow you to make the changes, however if this fails you would need to either see the Help section listed on networksolutions.com at:


contact Network Solutions directly: