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Why does disk space in File Manager differ from Disk Usage?
Posted on 09 January 2004 09:51 PM

In looking at our disk space utilization under the File Manager in our CNC, /www shows as 684.4 KB - 71 files.

However, under Disk Usage it shows that we have used 28.88 MB for /www ("Web Files").

Which is correct? Why do they differ?


The File Manager in your CNC only shows the space used by files inside each directory -- but *not* files further down in other subdirectories. The Disk Usage section of your CNC shows the Total Calculated Disk Space, including all of the space used by your directories *and* subdirectories.

If you go into your /www folder under File Manager, the number listed at the bottom includes all the files that are in the /www folder, but it does not include files that are in a subdirectory of /www (ex: www/otherfiles/) in that count. However, if you look in the Disk Usage section, it will show the complete total for everything in your /www directory and below.

The numbers shown in the File Manager are only for quick reference, where the Disk Usage shows what is actually being counted against your account.