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What does the 15 min load average mean under Server Info?
Posted on 09 January 2004 06:00 AM

I was just going through the CNC and I saw the area for "Current Server Status" under Server Info and I just wanted to know what the 15 min load average meant?

Also what is time since last reset?


The true answer to this question is a complex calculation! But for a general idea....

The servers run multiple processes in memory. Most of the processes that are in memory are 'sleeping' waiting for something to happen. When a request comes in, it triggers one of those processes to 'wake up' and is put in the run queue to perform its task at hand. The kernel has to now give the process CPU time (e.g. someone just hit submit on a mail form).

The 15 Minute Load Average shows you how busy the server is. Anything over 10 would mean the server is very busy...anything under 5 means it's cruising along. We like to keep the loads under 3.0 and average under 1.0.

The following link may also be of interest as it is to a discussion in the forums where one of the FutureQuest admins provides an explanation on how to interpret load average reports and a more in-depth description of what the numbers themselves mean:

Time since last reset is the time since the last time the server went through a reboot. Just the same as when you turn your own computer off and then on again.