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Deleting Directories Using CNC File Manager
Posted on 09 January 2004 05:35 AM

I was wondering if there is a better and faster way to delete entire directories using the CNC File Manager which doesn't require deleting the files inside each directory first?

Thanks in advance for any time-saving advice you can provide.


Yes, there is an easier way.

Visit the "Settings" section of your CNC and locate the option labeled:

"Recursively Delete Directories (use with caution)"

With this option checked, and saved as such, the CNC will allow you to delete entire directories including the files within them all at once.

Site Owners do need to enable this option, as for 'safety reasons' it is not enabled by default since it is a common error to delete a directory without realizing other files may have been within it. So be sure to be careful of this situation if you do decide to check the box...