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Email Disk Space Usage
Posted on 08 January 2004 08:12 AM

I just got a notification that I had exceeded my disk space usage for my account by 11.04 MB. When I view the Disk Usage section of my CNC I see that it shows that I am using 14.78 MB in "Space occupied by your Email Accounts", but when I view my Email Manager I do not see usage anywhere near that?


In cases such as this, the disk space usage is usually the result of stored email in QuestMail within the Trash, Sent or Draft folders. (From the CNC Email Manager, clicking on "details" next to the email account's disk space will show a breakdown of the disk usage for that particular mailbox.)

You will be able to access your email account at http://QuestMail.FutureQuest.net and delete the excess mail in the Sent/Trash/Draft folders.

Or, if you prefer to save this email, move all of the email you wish to save back to the Inbox. Then visit your CNC Email Manager and select the appropriate account by clicking on it. On the next page you will see the option to "Reset" your email. Doing so, will change it from "Old" to "New" and then you will be able to download it with your regular email client.

Once you have removed the excess disk space usage, be sure to send an email to Service@FutureQuest.net asking to have the Extra Disk Space removed as well as future charges for this service.