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Knowledgebase: File Manager
CNC Password Protection Limit
Posted on 08 January 2004 07:56 AM

In using the CNC to password protect a directory, it says there is a limit of 50 users. How can I make a directory password protected for more than 50 users?


The CNC File Manager is limited to creating up to 50 users, and/or IP addresses, as htpasswd is intended for simple password protection and isn't optimized for heavy usage.

To password protect a directory for more than 50 users (and/or IP addresses), you will need to look for a more performance-friendly method of password protection.

Depending on your usage and needs, there are many different free and paid password protection scripts available on the web. You may wish to start your search at:

Also, please feel free to ask the other Site Owners in the FutureQuest Community Forums for suggestions or recommendations: