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Why do I have multiple /www directories in my account?
Posted on 08 January 2004 07:48 AM
***Legacy Issue*** This will not apply to the majority of FutureQuest accounts.

At one point, due to FTP access, FutureQuest placed a 'symlink' in some accounts, which basically allowed a Site Owner to FTP into their account and in the default FTP login directory they would see a /www directory.

However, this was really only a 'symlink' as prior to TwoFTPd being installed as the FutureQuest FTP server, users were automatically placed into the /big/dom/xdom/username/ directory. To access your actual /www directory you had to go up a level to /big/dom/xdomainname/

However, this symlink proved to be problematic as well and was deprecated as a result. The accounts that this was installed in by FutureQuest have had it removed. New accounts, of course, did not have this 'symlink' and now of course with the TwoFTPd server running the entire problem has been alleviated.

If you look at your account via the CNC or FTP and you see the following:
/big/dom/xdomainname/www and /big/dom/xdomainname/username/www
then you have this 'symlink' active in that account.

***Note***: Modifying or deleting any of the files in either /www directory will have the affect of making the corresponding change to the actual file.

If you desire, you may remove the symlink by one of two methods:

Access your account via SSH and at the command line type:
$ rm /big/dom/xdomainname/username/www
(***Note***: Be very sure of the complete path to avoid deleting your actual /www directory!)

You would also be able to remove the 'symlink' via your CNC or via FTP by removing the /www directory below /big/dom/xdomainname/username/

***Note***: Removing any files themselves contained within the deprecated /www directory will result in them actually being removed from your account.***