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Can I get my FutureQuest invoices sent to someone else?
Posted on 02 January 2004 10:00 PM

Currently I am responsible for managing our company's FutureQuest account, however another person is responsible for accounting issues. How can I have them receive a copy of the invoices?


Along with the primary email address, the billing email address listed on the account will receive copies of all invoices from FutureQuest, as well as any deactivation notices as a result of a delinquent account.

The QuestAdmin Account Manager can be used to add a billing email address to the account:

(Note: If you have not yet created a QuestAdmin account, you will need to do so before you will be able access QuestAdmin. To get started, simply click the Create Login tab at the above link.)

Once you have logged in to your QuestAdmin account, selecting the Contact Info tab will show you the contact information associated with your FutureQuest account. Click "Update Billing Email" to add or change the billing email address for the account.

The intended use of the billing address is to facilitate the sending of invoices to an accounting department or other party that processes payments for the account. However, please note that any discussions about account standing or billing disputes must be handled through the primary contact for the account.