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Different password for CNC only?
Posted on 01 January 2004 11:13 PM
Your FTP, SSH, and CNC passwords are all synchronized within the system by default. Unless you feel seasoned with your Shell logins and working within your account via SSH, we strongly recommend leaving the setup as it is.

However, if you do feel comfortable digging in deeper to make this change, read on.

** This is totally non-supported. Proceed at your own risk! **

You can desynch the passwords if necessary, but remember that if you request a 'Password Change' later via the CNC, they will once again be synched...

1) Login to your account via SSH

2) Type: $ passwd
($ is the command prompt)

3) Enter in your new password

At this point, the following synchronization exists...

CNC : The last password in place

SSH (Unless using RSA methods) == FTP : the current password just entered

As said above, this is all non-supported by FutureQuest. If you are comfortable with the above abstraction, then feel free to splinter the authentication camps.

Hope this empowers you to the more advanced level.